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Tom Hood School Reunions

The Earlier Photos

VG - Fluff's Class '63/'64 - Supplied by Heather Russon

"Fluff" Flowerdew, Terry Tremlett, John Richardson, Fred Dawson, Peter Higgins, Jeffrey Ekins, Mickey Titmus, Roy Caselton, Buddy DeAngelis, Roger Carpenter, Anne Radford, Roger Jeffries, Lynda Myers, Geoffrey Walker, Heather Russon, Keith Edgeley, Chris Farley, Ray Crowther, Henry Tate, Derek Jordan
Yvonne Keyte, Anne Boardman, Enid Whiska, Jennifer Whitney, Iris Dutton, Linda Reed
Anne Radford, Rosalind Duce, Pamela Eynon, Maureen ?, Jenny Bew

Cambridge 1965 (or 1966?)
Keith Edgeley, Terry Tremlett, Dave Storey, Ron ?, John Richardson, Alan Huggins

Four teachers in a punt in Cambridge 1966?
"Big Bill" Williams, "Ding-Dong" Bell, ?, Paddy Manning (Accounts)

Katrina Miller, Tery Tremlett, Keith Edgeley, ?, ?

Janet Bickmore in a punt in Cambridge, July 1966

Ray Crowther, Alan Huggins, Don Grunbaum on Great Yarmouth sea front in July 1965

Bob DeAngelisís 15th birthday.
Left to right top:
Dave Carter, ?, Jackie Watson, Buddy DeAngelis, Christine Allen
Keith Woods, Christine Beddingham, Roger Carpenter, Derek Jordan, ?

On holiday 1964.
Left to right:
Alan Saville, Roger Carpenter, Henry  Tate, Robbie Kelleher, Buddy DeAngelis, Alan Jones.

An old girls reunion in 1992(?). Photo supplied by Lynda Sharp.
Sue Taylor; Terry Harrison; Jackie Brewer (hidden); Kay Cole; Anne Gardner
Back row: Chris Gingell; Chris Bedingham without glasses; Sue Earl, Liz Hunt
Middle row: Winnie White; Jackie Watson; Valda Cooper;
Front row: Jenny Dodds; Bernice Dunn; Cheryl Lowe; Chris Allen; Iris Dutton (behind Chris Allen); Jill Brown.

Message from Janet Bickmore
I was an O level leaver in 1966.  Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend as I have work commitments.  I have attached a few old photos - names I remember include Sandra Goodwin, Pauline Jones, Julia Clarke, Barry Joyce and a Barbara and a Pauline whose surnames I cant remember!
 . I made my career in Banking and am now the Manager in a local branch.
I hope everything goes well at the reunion, sorry to be missing it.

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