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Tom Hood School Reunions

Photos from pupils abroad.

(Red House, Redbridge - July 30, 2004)

Roy & Barbara Caselton - Spain - May 2004

Message from Bob Chaplin

Dear Friends,

Just read an article today on the dangers of drinking alcohol......... scared the living death out of me, so I've decided from today on.......... No more bloody reading for me!

Enjoy the reunion and deep personal regrets that I cannot be there. I had scheduled to be in UK at this time, but one of my business partners decided to get married and Honeymoon in the UK for 5 weeks. How inconsiderate, I told him he'd pay in time. His new wife was more persuasive than Marguerite so we will do the Europe thing (Italy -Amalfi-coast and UK ) later this year. Look forward to catching up with as many of you as possible.

Crow, please find some recent photographs taken at Margaret River WA (Wine Country) with Marguerite. I wonder if you could add them to the website re-union photos.

PS. for my 'rocker rev head mates' - have just bought a Lotus Elise (thinking of naming it FURELISE in commemoration of Gladys bags musical legacy to us  ) to replace the MR2 Turbo and am competing in sprints, hillclimbs and the odd Targa type event. Pics. to follow.

I have fond memories of you all.

Kind Regards

Bob Chaplin