Basic Roamer Internet Table-Top Rally Championship 2010

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The Internet Table-Top Rallies are  back after a year's sabbatical. Apologies for lateness, but I've been busy with other things; sadly not much real rallying but I've kept my map interest going by sampling geocaching.

A new four round Championship will be starting in January. The format will be the same as the 2008 Championship and the highlights are summarised below.

I can promise you some great value fun over the coming months with many innovative route cards. Plus your entry fee will be contributing to a needy charity - the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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Thanks for your support. Please enter as early as possible so that monies can be passed quickly to the charity.


5 December 2009


Basic Roamer Internet Table-Top Rally Championships 2010

comprising the

Master Navigators Championship
Expert Navigators Championship
Novice Navigators Championship

with four qualifying events:

No Title Date Organised by
1 The Nearest FarAway Place Rally January 27 to February 24 "Crow"
2 Panglossian Rally March 31 to April 28 "Chick"
3 Schoolfrenz Rally June 2 (20:00 GMT) to
June 30 (20:00 GMT)
Gavin Rogers
4 Thalamorph Rally August 11 (20:00 GMT)
to September 8 (20:00 GMT)
Iain Tullie

On each event there are 12 Route Cards with 10 questions.

Part 1 of each Route Card (with 5 questions to be answered) will be very straightforward - the kind of navigation you might expect on a road rally.
Experts will be required to submit answers to 10 Part 1 Route Cards; Novices only 5.

Part 2 of each Route Card (another 5 questions) is only for Masters and will contain navigation of a thought-provoking and cryptic nature.
Masters will be required to submit answers to 10 Route Cards with answers for parts 1 and 2.

NO MAPS are required since these will be published with the Route Cards.

Entry fees for the full Championship of four events are: Masters - 20, Experts - 15, Novices - 15.
A small retention will be made for token awards, the remainder will be donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. (in 2008 you donated 1800.00)

Finishers in all classes on all events will qualify for World Ranking points.

Take a look at the General Regulations.

See who's already taking part on the Entry List.

See what happened in the 2008 Championship.

If you like what you see, fill in the Entry Form, send in your entry fee and you will be ready for Round 1 when it starts on January 27.

If you have any questions about the Championships please post them to the
TTR discussion  forum. If you used this in the last season your username and password will be unchanged. If you need to register please enter a username of Firstname. Surname e.g. John.Smith , other variants will be rejected.