Crimbo Relief Rally 2008
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Bulletin 6 - 23 January 2008 @ 21:45

The results are now final.

I had to deal with quite a few detailed arguments about the solutions and your provisional score may have been adjusted (mostly upward) by a point or two. The solutions have been updated to reflect your comments.

The number of classified finishers hit 98 which just beat the 97 record for an Internet table-top set on The Nearest FarAway Place rally last February. Thank you for your continuing support.

There were 40 competitors who tackled every Route Card (good), but many got going, did a few and then stopped (bad). Feedback from the latter group might help me find ways of keeping you interested throughout the competition.

Much praise to all those with high scores. Exemplary praise to Steve Barber for shaming my attempted deviousness by registering a perfect score; hero worship for David Bell being runner-up and a kowtow to Ian Tullie just nudged into third. Notable too were Steve Turnbull ("Expert") at 5th and Chris Bean ("Novice") at 8th.

Provisional World Rankings are now 1. David Bell, 2. Steve Barber, 3: Gavin Rogers, 4: Iain Tullie, 5: Robert Owen. I'll fully update when I've caught up on non-TTR matters.

I'll let you know when the 2009 or 2009/2010 Championship is on the drawing board.


Bulletin 5 - 15 January 2008 @ 22:01

Well ... that was a great contest. 116 entries and 98 starters, and so close at the top. The two maximum scores proved that the event was just the right level for the top few.

Please could Steve Barber tell us what he sprinkles on his cereal in the morning! His 12 x 10 must be the most remarkable score in the history of Internet Table-Top rallying.

Once again I am staggered by the quality of answers (and acceptable alternative answers) and how many tackled every Route Card. I trust the event was a true Crimbo Relief to you all.

The results are declared provisional and will become final once I've cleared any additional queries you might have. The query door is open until 22:00 on January 22. Send queries direct to

A link to the solution pages and maps is now available HERE. As usual I have been generous with the marking. If there was the slightest doubt about an answer I allowed acceptable alternatives as you will see in the solutions. From your comments I should have given you credit where it was due, but with almost a thousand answer forms I may have missed some. If so, just remind me take another look.

Please add your valuable feedback to the TTR forums. Thanks.

Congratulations to everyone for taking part. Watch this website for more events later in the year.


Bulletin 4 - 8 January 2008 @ 00:00

One week left for your plotting.

Several prominent late starters are playing catch-up, but David Bell looks hard to beat. Steve Turnbull must have had a turbo fitted to his romer since he's recorded six best/ fastest Route Cards.

If you've finished already, please feel free to give me positive or negative feedback on the TTR forum.

Bulletin 3 - 31 December 2008 @ 11:00

HAPPY NEW YEAR - soon! Entries - now at 112.
There are still many in contention for top placings and 30 competitors seem to be saving themselves for a 2009 attack. Finding a shortest and accurate route on Route Card 8 is foxing many; and there have been a few careless counting errors elsewhere. Keep going.

The Nearest FarAway Place Panglossian Start of blatant advert.
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A mini sales boost would also be encouraging for my fourth novel which will be published later this year.

End of blatant advert.

Bulletin 2 - 25 December 2008 @ 00:20

HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Thanks for all the entries - now at 110.

Well done to Andrew Kellitt who is our current leader as we hang up our stockings, but many are pacing themselves and some big guns haven't started yet.

As usual some of you have proposed alternative and valid solutions and answers so it will take a little while for your scores to settle.

A free mince pie to the first set of answers received today. ... Warren Chmura.



Bulletin 1 - 17 December 2008 @ 23:00

Some of you are busy already. Good to welcome back Keith Cunningham who has been absent for a while but obviously still has form. Our US ex-Novice - Chris Bean - is on a roll too. Very early days yet.

We also have the key organisers of Wales Rally GB - Fred Gallagher and Andrew Kellitt - on the list; now preferring the armchair of home to the wet forests of Wales.

We have 99 entries! Someone must be able to phone a friend to get to 100?


By popular request I am pleased to invite you to take part in the Crimbo Relief Internet Table-Top Rally.

If you were one of the many that took part in the 2008 Championship, the format is much the same: 12 Route Cards, 10 Route Checks per Route card, and the best 10 Route Card scores count towards your total points. There are no classes on this event, though each Route Card is equally divided into an easy Part 1 (suitable for everyone) and a harder Part 2 (which maybe tough if you are a Novice).

There is no entry fee - it's FREE; correspondingly there are no prizes unless I receive some unwanted Christmas presents.

The event will count towards the calculation of Word Ranking points.

The event starts at 22:00 (UK time) on December 15 and finishes at 22:00 on January 15. Double points for answers received on December 25 (Joke!)

You should take a look at and probably print out the NEW General Regulations. These are similar to the 2008 Championship regulations but generalised for open (without classes) and one-off events, and include revisions to the Route Check Legend.

Register your intent to compete on the Entry Form. PLEASE only register if you intend to compete.


Advance Warning:
You'll need some software (like Windows Media Payer) to play an MP3 file if you are attempting Route Card 3.