Schoolfrenz Rally 2010

Round 3 - Schoolfrenz Rally

Final Summary

Results for the Schoolfrenz TTR are now Final.

After various queries on the forum, mainly about letters, I allowed most of the ambiguous route checks and this has changed some of the placings.

So congratulations to the 3 class winners Iain Tullie (Masters), Martin Moore (Experts) and Grantley Cleaver (Novices)

I would like to thank Crow for all his hard work behind the scenes to make each TTR run so smoothly, and Iím looking forward to the next round organised by Iain Tullie.


14th July, 2010 @ 14:00

Provisional Results and Solutions are now available for the Schoolfrenz TTR.

These will remain provisional until 21:00 on 12 July 2010.

Please post any queries on the forum where they will be given full consideration and explanations if necessary. After going through nearly 600 answers and comments, I am relatively happy with the alternative answers allowed, but there may be some alternative routes that I have not spotted.

Current class leaders are Chris Bean (Masters with 97 points, just half an hour quicker than Andy Gibson), David Smoley (Experts with a perfect 50 points) and Grantley Cleaver (Novices with a perfect 25 points, a couple of hours quicker than Sarah Harmer who also scored 25).

Iíve spent far more time on organising and investigating this Tabletop than competing on the previous rounds, but it has been enjoyable reading the comments so thank you to everyone who took the time to tackle the Route Cards.

After organising one event for the last Internet TTR Championships in 2008 I tried to steer clear of difficult to spot Route Checks such as Churches but ended up causing as many problems by overuse of Letters so apologies for that. Even though the clarification to the regulations helped, there were still a few ambiguous letters and these have all been carefully considered while compiling the solutions and allowing alternative answers.

All the Route Checks are marked on all the Solution Maps, and the commentary on each Route Card explains any alternative routes or answers allowed.


2nd July, 2010 @ 21:00

Here's a few handy links:

... Only old stuff below ...

Welcome to The Schoolfrenz Rally, the 3rd round of the 2010 Championship.

The past 3 weeks have been spent preparing 12 Route Cards, some reasonably straightforward, some a bit more interesting, a couple using Crow's more interactive maps, but hopefully all challenging.

Those of you who dislike counting Churches will be pleased to know that the only Churches to be counted are ChS or ChT,
but LETTERS/Letters/letters have been used frequently as this is so useful to determine if any better routes have been found.

Remember to make sure you read the Route Card Status page before you start any Route Card.

If you have queries please ask them against the appropriate Route Card number in The Schoolfrenz Rally section in the Forum. I will try and monitor the Forum as much as possible but I have rallying commitments on Sat 5th, Sat 12th and Sun 21st June so apologies if there is a delay in replying around these dates.

Please note the following before starting any Route Cards:

> The regulations have been revised/clarified in a few places as a result of queries on the previous event, the current version is 1.5. These include clarifications to GC, RD and LETTERS/Letters/letters among others.

> Bulletin 23 consolidates relevant information

The Schoolfrenz Rally 2010 Login will open at 21:00 on Wednesday, June 2nd.

Good luck


30th May 2010