Club Championship Rules 2008  

Download Club Championship Rules 2008

Whether you are a competitor, a marshal, an organiser, part of a service crew or even if you write an article for the Club Newsletter to share your experiences, past or present, then you are eligible to make a claim and score points.

1] Having been involved in a motorsport event, of any kind, make your claim for points by contacting the coordinator using any of the methods detailed at the bottom of this sheet. Your claim must be made by the 15th January 200.

2] The number of points that you will score and the category that your points will be logged in are as follows.

Non-Competition Categories
Magazine article 10 Points per article.
Social event or show assistant 10 Points per day of involvement.
Official at a competition 10 Points per day of involvement.
Rally marshal 10 Points per day of involvement.
Speed Event marshal 10 Points per day of involvement.
Service Crew 10 Points per event.
Competition Categories  
Competition 3 points to start (6 if it is a WECC event).
  5 points to finish.
  10 points for an award.

Stage Rally Driver
Stage Rally Co-Driver
Road Rally Driver
Road Rally Navigator
Sprint Driver
Hill Climb Driver
Autocross Driver
Rallycross Driver
Race Driver
Autotest Driver

All the points that you claim and the number of categories that you claim in will be logged for the All-rounders award.

3] Awards will be presented at the West Essex Car Club annual dinner and dance for each category to the person with the highest score in each category. For the best Allrounder, to the person who has made claims in the most categories (in the case of a tie, the award will be presented to the person with the highest points total).

4] This year the championship will run from January 1st 2008 to December 31st 2008.

5] The championship Co-ordinator will allocate points from any event that has results sent to her. If you are unsure, make a claim on the claim form that will be attached to Newsletters or will be available on the Web Site (

6] The Championship Co-ordinator and Club Trophy Registrar is
Marion Nicholls, 84 Totnes Walk, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 6LU
Tel: 01245 351468 email: