by Peter Sissons  
Dear Ray,

I read with interest your piece in the latest issue of OldSTAGER magazine, in particular that you were clerk of the course for the 1976 Clover Leaf Rally. 

A number of years ago I bought a delapidated old rally Austin Cooper S and after some research discovered that it was first owned by a Thomas Mullinger of Maningtree, Essex. It then passed to garage proprietor John White. Through the Mini Cooper Register 

I was able to contact and meet John who kindly let me copy some of his photos of the car in action, one of which was noted as being the Karebrand Clover Leaf Rally, West Essex Car Club in 1976. 

I have visited your WECC website and was pleased to find that there was some archive information for the Clover Leaf.

I have now fully restored the car as a club rally car and relied heavily on those few seventies photos to keep the car looking as it did back then.

John only kept the car for two or three years and having been heavily involved in motor sport with many different cars he was unable to give me any detailed history for the car. I have enjoyed attending the Mini Cooper Register's day at Beaulieu where John and I reunited my YHK82L and his rally Cooper S "Marigold".

I am contacting you in the hope that you or other members of the WECC my have more information about my car, be it photos, rallies entered, original build details, owners, etc. I hope the attached photos stir some memories.

Kind Regards,

Peter Sissons

Hi Peter,

I'm going through my old WECC archives at the moment and will be gradually adding material to this website. I'll keep a look out for anything I see re: YHK82L. I can tell you (since the details fell to hand) that on the Karebrand Clover Leaf 1977, YHK82L ran at No.24 for John White/Ron Piper. They disappeared from the results at MTC31 and retired. They dropped 4 minutes at TC2, 2 minutes at TC4 ... too much detail? 

Ray Crowther

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