Timing Equipment  
For further information on hiring timing equipment, please contact:
Gary Nicholls - 01245 351468


ECM RALLY TIMER - The latest in Stage Rally Timing equipment. These clocks can be set-up for individual controls (MC, SSA, SSS, SSF and RC). The SSS clock can have a jump start beam and the SSF an automatic beam to record the exact time of crossing the finish. Times can be downloaded to a Laptop Computer. The start can also have a Traffic Light start system.


OMEGA POWERTIME - This neat compact unit is fully MSA approved for Speed Timing to the 100ths of a second.
One unit can be connected to two Omega Beams for automatic input of Start and Finish Times. In addition the Powertime can be connected to a Laptop Computer and the whole task automated, giving you an instant printout of results and a remote display on a terminal if so required by using the latest Tag Heuer Software.




OMEGA ROLLERTIME - The resultant time can be displayed on a large digital display.



WHARTON DIGITAL CLOCKS - We still have for hire the original Wharton Digital Clocks and Setter