Wheelspin - March 2006  

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This new WEB site is now up and running, and we are very pleased that "Crow" has set the new site up and will maintain it. 

If you have anything you want to put on the site, please email "Crow" direct or send any items to him at Longfield, Tudwick Road, Tolleshunt Major, Maldon, Essex, CM9 8LP. 

We are looking for anything that may be of interest, Event Reports and any archive material as "Crow" wants to build up an archive section, electronic items are preferred. 

We hope to add a "Forum Section" soon.


We are pleased to announce the following.

Derek Mathew has agreed to take over the post of President following the death of John Holmes last year. 

Flip Golding, Annette Rees and Liz Russell will join David Kaye and Bill Hawkins as our Vice Presidents. 

Craig Salter will take over as Chairman, following the loss of Chris Rees. Chris will be a hard act to follow, but the committee feels that Craig is the right person for the job. He is an active competitor and has already helped the club a lot in the last few years.


Please note because of increased cost we will no longer be accepting Credit Cards as payment.


With so many members having access to email, we would like to where possible send you your Wheelspin electronically. This would make a saving in cost and hopefully we can have one each month. 

If you would like to have your Wheelspin sent by email, please email wheelspin@wecc.co.uk with "email-wheelspin" as the subject and we will add you to the mailing list. 


Ashwells, 2nd Wednesday of each Month.

Wednesday 8th March
Wednesday 12th April
Wednesday 10th May
Wednesday 14th June
Wednesday 12th July 


Congratulations to Robin Hernaman who Co-Drove Craig Middleton to 1st place on Rallye Sunseeker. 

This event was the first round of the MSA 2006 Gravel Rally Championship





With no major sponsor for Millbrook this year, it is vital that we try and obtain as much support as possible in order for the event to be financially viable. We have decided to go ahead with the event by trying to attract a number of smaller sponsors. If you would like to help your club by becoming a support sponsor please contact our sponsorship manager Steve McNulty on 07717 206441 or email stevemcnulty1@aol.com.


Available sponsorship.

Stages - 6 available at £100 each.

Awards - 1 available at £500.

Marshals Prizes - 1 available at £200.

VIP Tickets - 100 available at £25 each.

Or if you can help in any other way please call Gary Nicholls.


See latest listing here.


I have just received the following email which I thought may interest you, especially as the committee have been talking about trying to appoint an Archive Officer to co-ordinate the clubs archives.


Dear Gary

I am so glad that the WECC is still going strong and that it still has the old logo. I was weaned on the club! My father was Bob Cormacey who held the post of Treasurer for many years. I remember it in the 50s; as a family it was our whole life.

I well remember staying up all night with my mum Eve and my sister Angela at a check point in some old garage. I can still remember the oily smell! I also remember leaning out of the window of my Dadís car, putting ping pong balls into metal cones, as Dad reversed in and out of gates. I doubt if Health and Safety rules would allow half of the stuff that we used to get up to. No seat belts then! If you look in the records, youíll see that he won a lot of prizes for rallies etc. He went on to Go-karting with similar success. Sadly he died in August last year and as I have been going through his things I have found various bits and pieces and I wondered if any members would be interested in them, or the Club for its archives. I have editions of WHEELSPIN from 1964 to 71 and also two copies of the 30th Anniversary edition from December 1977. I also have photos of various drivers in competitions. I donít know who they are (apart from Dad) but there may be someone left who does. 

Dad was in the era of Dennis Golding, Bill and Sheila Hawkins and their garage in the Arches, Mike Edmonson, Mike Berg, George Matthews ( I remember driving in his Jag XK). I remember going to tea at Fort Belvedere with Gerald and Angela Lascelles, with little son, Henry (I think that was his name). I remember the rally that Mike Berg ended upside down in a ditch and came back with a piece of his rear view mirror in his head! Oh, happy days!

I was so thrilled to find you had a website. I just searched in the vague hope that someone might still be around. I remember the Three Jolly Wheelers; I had my 21st birthday party there in í68. I remember Snetterton, Skinnerís Farm, Stapleford, and much, much more. Sorry if Iím prattling on about people who you have never known, but Iíve been on a trip down memory lane tonight!

Let me know if the magazines are of any interest to anyone.

Best wishes

Pam Sweet


The committee were saddened to receive the following letter from Tony Beesley regarding the sudden death of his brother Roger.

I am so sad to have to tell you that brother Roger passed away on Monday 27th February in Whipps Cross Hospital. He was 60 years old.

He was admitted just a week before with serious water retention and liver problems. 

The staff at Whipps Cross were magnificent and did all they possibly could but tragically his condition was simply too severe to be treated successfully.

Rogerís funeral will be at Enfield Crematorium, Great Cambridge Road, Enfield, EN1 4DS on Tuesday 14th March at 3.0pm

Tony Beesley, Oakdale, Furze Lane, Stock, Essex CM4 9RW, Tel : 01277-840789. Email

Roger at Abridge Autocross in 1971


Some of you may have seen in the motor sport press details of a new championship for 2007. This has Russell Brooks at the helm and is backed by the MSA. Below are brief details of the championship, more can be found at www.rallystar.info.

RallyStar is a brand new concept to attract talented new drivers to British special stage rallying.

RallyStar events will be open only to petrol or diesel cars up to 1400cc, with very limited tuning and all using the same control tyre. The result will be a level playing field on which the best drivers - not necessarily the richest drivers - will be able to win rallies outright. Genuinely affordable rally sport for all.

RallyStar events featuring forest special stages will have significantly lower entry fees than for any equivalent championship thanks to our unique arrangement with the Forestry Commission. RallyStar aims to organise a nationwide series of at least ten events in 2007, later expanding to 14 events. Two or three trial rallies are planned for later in 2006.

Most RallyStar events will feature top quality UK forest special stages with sole use for our competitors. No more fighting through the ruts left by 4WD or WRC cars!

On behalf of the committee I have been in touch with the organisers about putting on an event for this championship. They have written back and are very interested in us running an event. We will need a team to run the event, so if you are interested please contact me to discuss it.

Gary Nicholls
01245 351468


The Dinner and Dance took place on 18th of February and despite not having as any people attend as we would have liked, it was great do.

The committee thanks Craig & Julie Salter for all their hard work in organising it again.

Some photos from the Dinner & Dance taken by Tony Beesley. 
The complete colour album can be seen here.