Vegetable Garden 2007
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This page will include details of my vegetable growing exploits as they develop in 2007.

Click to see my planting plans for the main vegetable plot and for the paddock.

For a summary of what I've learnt this year and will change next year, see Vegetable Lessons.

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Built over four days between 16 and 24 May.  An investment to give good protection from weeds and rabbits and more growing space in the paddock.  It spans six of the original seven beds, but all of the space between beds can now be developed for cultivation.

The hoops are up
16 May - the hoops are up
The doors are on, the trench is dug
21 May - the doors are on, the trench is dug
24 May - it's finished!

Immediate planting plans are for potatoes, shallots, onions, sweetcorn and courgettes.

Salad leaves

23 Feb - Planted saladisi in a low tub, currently in the potting shed.  Should be ready in 6-8 weeks and crop for 6 months or more.  It's a mixture of onion white lisbon, chervil, basil sweet green, rocket, purslane, chicories, loosehead lettuce and lettuce valmaine.

19 Apr - First harvest of saladisi.

21 Apr - Outdoor planting of Polycress and Niche Oriental Mixed salad leaves.

4 May - another pot combining Niche Oriental Mixed with Polycress, only took four days to germinate.

23 May - a square foot of 'Niche oriental Mixed' seeds combined with polycress.


23 Feb -  We loved last year's beetroot so much that I've started early this year with a pot of 11 seeds in the potting shed.

2 Apr - Two 3 foot rows planted at the back of the greenhouse.

21 Apr - There are only three or four tiny, tiny seedlings.

Broad beans

23 Feb - I'm into recycling so I've been saving 500g yogurt pots with lids and I used my first five to plant broad bean seeds, currently housed in the potting shed.

1 Apr - Planted out the 8 seedlings raised in the potting shed plus 8 more seeds.

18 Apr - the outdoor seeds seem to have "disappeared" so I've sown another nine indoors in individual 3" pots.

21 July - we've had a tasty harvest but my broad beans have been a little disappointing this year in terms of quantity.  I pulled them up today and harvested a remaining four portions.  They seem to have suffered from something that has made their leaves go "rusty". Must look this up.


23 Feb - never tried to grow this before, so a new venture.  Seeds in two old mushroom cartons, in propagator, in potting shed.

6 Apr - no sign of any germination at all, so ditched in favour of celeriac.

Swiss chard

12 Mar - Three seeds planted in the potting shed.

23 Mar - Three seeds germinated.

1 Apr - 3x3 seeds planted outdoors under bell cloches. These seeds failed to germinate.

8 Apr - more seeds added into existing pots in the potting shed.

21 Apr - I had a very cramped pot of chard planted last year from which I separated five plants which I transplanted into the veg garden.

4 Jun - planted out two of my new chard plants.


Fruit or vegetable?  Well, according to the RHS it's a perennial vegetable

16 Mar - the rhubarb patch, small as it is, has come back to life.

Jerusalem Artichoke

25 Mar - I planted my 12 tubers.  I just hope the soil isn't still too wet as I don't want them to rot!


28 Mar - I've bought proper hanging basket tomato seeds this year, called Tumbling Tom Yellow.  First three seeds planted in two inch pots, to test whether it's warm enough yet for germination in the potting shed.

4 Apr - Garden pearl seeds in 1.5" pots in the heated propagator.

11 Apr - Nine tumbling tom seeds planted in indoor propagator.

18 Apr - Ten propagator modules containing 2 garden pearl seeds each.

20 Apr - Almost forgot my cordon tomatoes!  12 Brandywine and 12 Sungella seeds planted, half in heated propagator and half in potting shed propagator.

26 May - Since I have been struggling so badly to germinate cordon tomatoes, I cheated and bought 3 plants at the village fair for 1!

2 Jun - one garden pearl tomato plant transferred into a long tom pot, three purchased tomato plants (from the local fair) planted in the greenhouse.

29 July - harvested my first 4 tomatoes from the three plants in the greenhouse that I bought at the local fair.


1 Apr - Two drills of approx 24 seeds each planted outdoors.

18 Apr - Since the above drills have completely failed, I've started some more seeds in 1.5" plastic modules, 10 Jaguar and 10 Feltham First.  Plus 9 Asparagus Pea in 1.5" peat pots.

21 May - More pea sowing in the potting shed, 9 feltham and 9 jaguar in 1.5 inch peat pots. 

4 Jun - 9 asparagus pea and 11 pea seedlings planted out.


4 Apr - 4 West Indian seeds in 2" pots in the heated propagator. (3 germinated but seedlings then died.)

20 Apr - 4 Melothrie seeds in 2" pots in a potting shed propagator.

10 May - Another try.  3 West Indian seeds individually in small yogurt pots. 

23 May - transplanted two melothrie into outdoor trellis planters.

3 Jun -  potted up my third melothrie into an 8 inch pot with small obelisk, which I will keep in the potting shed to compare with the outdoor growers.

16 June - I want to pot up my three west indian gherkin plants and I have a wodden trough with a trellis to house them.  I had originally planned to have this outdoors but the weather is so inclement at the moment that I am holding back.  The trouble is, the trough is not terribly strong so I want to avoid moving it when it's loaded with compost.  On the other hand, transplanting is getting necessary.......

18 June - the indoor melothrie is looking very healthy and growing well, but the outdoor ones are very slow, even though I've got them covered with bell cloches for extra warmth.  All of this heavy June rain isn't helping either!


6 Apr - Seeds in two old mushroom cartons, in propagator, in potting shed.  One tray moved to the heated propagator on 14 April.

25 Apr - No germination at all.

10 May - another tray of celeriac sown in the potting shed, but this also failed to germinate

23 May - 2 five foot drills planted outdoors - I don't want to give up on this tasty veg!.


6 Apr - 5 Incredible seeds in 500g yogurt pots with lids in the potting shed.

11 Apr - 5 Minipop seeds in large yogurt pots.

18 Apr - Another 8 Incredible seeds in 1.5" peat pots.

30 Apr - the original 5 Incredible failed, so replaced by Sundance in same pots.


8 Apr - Carrot Parmex seeds sown in two pots. 

8 May - Both pots have germinated well and were thinned out today.


9 Apr - It's cheating, but I bought a tray of 12 savoy cabbage seedlings from a garden centre today.

22 Apr - 4 seedlings planted out, 3 next to the greenhouse and one in a pot, all under individual bell cloches.

29 Apr - 7 remaining seedlings planted out under a fleece cloche.

Red pepper

10 Apr - Seeds sown in modules in potting shed propagator.

2 June - 3 red peppers transplanted into 3 inch pots.

Haricot bean

10 Apr - 6 seeds sown in individual 3" square pots in potting shed propagator.


10 Apr - a pot of chives sown in potting shed with plastic bag over.

Dwarf bean

11 Apr - 6 dwarf bean seeds in individual 3" square pots.

Herb wheel

11 Apr - Basil and Coriander seed mats planted in separate pots.  By 25 April the coriander had germinated well, but only one basil seed came to life.

19 Apr - Chives harvested from the herb wheel which are still growing from last year's planting.

21 May -  a new mint pot sown, a combination of 

21 May - a new pot of basil combining 'Sweet Green' and 'Red' seeds.


11 Apr - 8 four inch pots used to plant 24 seeds, 3 in each pot.  4 pots are my own seeds.

24 April - 21 out of the 24 seeds have germinated.  Whatever will I do with them all?

30 Apr - one climbing courgette sown.

7 May - I found a home for 6 courgette plants with one of the neighbours.

12 May - planted out 6 of my courgette plants. I'm having to wait until the polytunnel is built for the other 9 if they can survive that long.  I might have to pot them on first.

23 May - transplanted my one climbing courgette into a trellis planter.

12 Jun - what's up with the courgettes this year?  I've got 8 plants in the garden/tunnel, one in a big pot and a climbing one on a trellis.  All of the seeds germinated and produced sturdy plants but they've not grown since I put them out a month ago.  Well, there's one exception - the one in the large pot seems to be growing now but the others all look very pathetic.  Normally I just can't stop them.....

Brussel sprout

18 Apr - Ten propagator modules containing 2 Falstaff seeds each.

4 May - no luck with indoor germination so seeds planted outdoors.

26 May - my outdoor seeds have germinated but I couldn't resist three well developed plants at the local village fair for 30p each!

3 Jun - Planted out my 3 bought sprouts and later regretted this - they should be in the net tunnel where the netting will protest them from brassica munching bugs.


18 Apr - Ten propagator modules containing 2 seeds each, annual summer purple sprouting broccoli.

4 May - no luck with indoor germination so seeds planted outdoors.


18 Apr -  Ten propagator modules containing 3 seeds each, but no germination a month later.

23 May - 3 three foot drills planted.

Chilli pepper

20 Apr - 6 seeds in a tray in a potting shed propagator.


Raab Cima di rapa (also known as "Broccoletto" and rapini) is characterised by long slender stems, frilly green leaves and small flowers that look like mini calabrese or broccoli florets.  The 60-day cultivar Cima di Rapa is ideal for the UK climate.  Harvest before the flower buds open to get the sweetest flavour and a crunchier texture.

21 Apr - two rows planted.


21 Apr - a new adventure, 2 four foot drills sown.

3 May - I think there's a sign of one or two germinating fennel seeds.


21 Apr - a row of white and a row of red sown.

8 May - both drills have germinated well and were thinned out today.

22 May - first harvest.

16 June - final harvest.


22 Apr - I had no luck with these mini cauliflowers last year.  They are supposed to be ideal for pots, so I've sown two pots with 3 or four seeds each, hoping to end up with just one per pot.  The pots are filled with a 60:40 mixture of my own compost:multi-purpose compost.

3 May - 5 cauliflower seeds have germinated, but how long will they survive?  I've protected the two pots with cloches.

3 June -  transplanted 1 mini cauli into a new pot, protected with a fleece cover to stop the munching bugs.


22 Apr - I cheated and bought 12 cabbage seedlings at a garden centre on 9/4.  Planted three out alongside the greenhouse after first enriching the soil with my own compost and one in a pot, all collared and cloched.  Again I used a 60:40 mixture of my own compost:multi-purpose compost in the pot.

Kohl rabi

kohl rabiStrange looking veggie, tasting like a cross between a turnip and a cabbage.

30 Apr - 18 seeds sown alongside the greenhouse.




3 May - Unable to wait any longer, I planted three potato tubs, Amandine, Valor and Sarpo Axona.

16 May - Encouraged by the germination in the first three tubs, another giant pot with three Amandine planted.

25 May - At last, a little late, but 8 Valor tubers and 10 Sarpo Mira tubers planted in the net tunnel.

21 July - tipped out an Amandine pot as the plants have finished flowering and seem to be dying.  There were three tubers planted in here but they only produced enough potatoes for two meals - a little disappointing.  And although they tasted nice, my potatoes last year were stunningly tasty, so doubly disappointing  :-(


4 May - 3 three foot drills planted outdoors.


Described as a tasty winter vegetable, which grows as a black skinned root to be boiled, steamed or fied in butter.

23 May - 2 five foot drills planted.


23 May - 2 five foot drills planted.

Shallots & Onions

21 May - In anticipation of my net tunnel being finished this week, I have put three trays of onions to root in the potting shed.

25 May - At last, a little late, but 99 pre-rooted Stuttgarter Riesen onions planted in the net tunnel.

2 Jun - another 76 onions planted in the net tunnel.

4 Jun - 40 shallots planted in the tunnel and 6 more planted outside the greenhouse to compare with them, although they may be a little cramped here.

Runner bean

7 June - sowed 14 seeds (6 of mine from last year and 8 packet seeds) around a seven pole wigwam, 2 seeds at each pole.

16 June - 4 of my seeds and 6 of the packet seeds have germinated.



For a reminder of last year's exploits - 2006 veg garden notes.