Longfield Pegularity, July 17, 2005 - Pegularity 1

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Pegularity 1 - Crow Wood

Approximately 0.75 miles

Enter the following locations and then visit the sections in order.

Route Checks in a section are shown with bracketed numbers.

Longish Field:  a, e, g, p, t(1), z, y(2), x, s, n (one anti-clockwise lap), c, b(3), e, f, k, j, h, p, t, u, v(4), j, q, t, z

Crow Wood:  A(5), B, C, D, E(6), F, G(7), B, C(8), D, H(9) (care & narrow), J, K, F, L, C, M, N(10), P, U, R, S, J, T

Longish Field:  y, w, v, l, r, s, m(11), r, s, n(12)

to Pegularity Finish Control (same place as Start Control)

Route Checks:  
(1) Tree on right  (2) Tree on left  (3) 9.5 metres on left  (4) 21.4 metres on left   
(5) Tree by A (type of rattly animal?)  (6) Tree on right before E 
(7) Second stump on left after G  (8) Above bear  (9) Tree on left just before H  (10) Tree on right after N  (11) 4.4 metres on left (Bring back a car!)  (12) Right of n