Longfield Pegularities
July 19, 2009
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July 5 July 19
  Len Graves
CANCELLED Wendy Graves (Geocache training)
SINCE "Kevanjue" aka Kevan Williams
MOST "Andy_uk63" aka Andy (summoned to work)
WANT Malcolm Heymer
TO Peter Hayes
COME Chris Towers (N/A?)
ON Alan Lee
JULY 19 Dee Rampling Lee
  "Mcwomble" aka James Hustler
  Niccolo Gionevelli
  Robin Hernaman
  Cathy Hernaman (Spectator)
  Paul Carlier
  Andrea Weston
  Gina Hollick
  Rob Roebuck
  Ken Larking
  Dave Beckerleg
  Sandra Beckerleg
  "Roman-Soldier" aka Paul Anderson (N/A?)