Longfield Triangle - September 19, 2009
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We invite you to take part in the Longfield Triangle - a pleasure, leisure, charity raising treasure hunt/geocache within the grounds of Longfield, Tolleshunt Major, Maldon, Essex, CM9 8LP.

There is no entry fee, but we encourage donations to our nominated charity.

In July 2006 we ran two Pegularities and raised 410 for the Alzheimer's Society.

In July 2007 we ran two Pegularities and raised 405 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

In March 2008 we ran our first Triangle and raised 200 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

In July 2008 we ran two Pegularities and raised 402 for the NET Patient Foundation.

For our 2009 Longfield Triangle treasure hunt we are collecting donations the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

For your donation we guarantee to provide a fun evening, hot food and drink, and the knowledge that you will be helping an important cause.

The objective will be to find clues at Longfield. Each clue will describe a location, where you'll find another clue and so on.

There will be 16 easy clues (A), which will point to eight less easy clues (B), which will point to four difficult clues (C), which will point to two more difficult clues (D), which will point to the final clue (E) and Treasure!

You will score one point for each A clue, two points for each B clue, four points for C, eight points for D, and sixteen points for E - that makes 31 clues and a score of 80 points. Find the treasure for a bonus 20 points and a maximum of 100 points.

For more details on how the clue hunting works see the Clue Searching Page.

Easy? Well, you'll have until 8:30pm for your (penalty free) searching. There's an extra half an hour available, but you'll be docked a point for each minute late.
(If you arrive at the finish at 8:20pm and score 45 points - that's your score. If you arrive at the finish at 8:42pm and score 58 points - your score is 58 less 12 = 46 points).

Oh, and another thing - most of the time you'll be searching in the dark! The competition starts 45 minutes before sunset, so you'll need good torches (plus a head torch would be useful), and appropriate clothing and footwear to guard against rain, snow or whatever else UK weather can deliver these days.

There are two classes of entries: Individuals and teams of two.
Individual entries should be adults, but the teams can be comprised of a teenager accompanied by a responsible adult.
We are aiming to accommodate eight individual and eight team entries.
Entries will be accepted on a first come first served based.

You can secure an entry by filling in the Entry Form.

The ultimate treasure is a secret cache. If the treasure is not found, it will be auctioned at the end of the event to add to our charity proceeds.

Engraved medals will also be awarded to the top competitors in each class.

We will be providing free homemade soup, curry and bread, and hot drinks throughout the evening.