Longfield Pegularity, July 17, 2005 - Regulations

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Revised July 8, 2005

1. Name & Date

The Longfield Pegularity Day will take place on July 17, 2005 and will be governed by these regulations.

2. Location
The event will be based at Longfield, Tudwick Road, Tolleshunt Major, Maldon, Essex, CM9 8LP.

3. Entries
Entries open on June 1, 2005 and close on July 15, 2005. There is no entry fee for the event but donations are requested for the Alzheimer's Society.  The maximum number of entries is 30.
This is a private event open to invitation only.

4. Officials
Clerk of the Course (responsible for the overall planning of the event): Ray Crowther
Event Secretary (responsible for the event administration, including entries): Ray Crowther
Chief Marshal (responsible for control of marshals): Ray Crowther
Safety Officer (responsible for overall event safety): Ray Crowther
Catering Manager: Christine Crowther

5. Event Programme
Competitors should register between 11:30 and 12:00 at the meadow gate, or the car port if it's raining. 
There will be measured distance of approximately 75 metres on uneven grassland for competitors to gauge their normal average speed. A Time and Speed table will be available.
There will be a briefing and question and answer session from 12:00 to 12:15.
The competition will start at 12:15.
Competitors may start the Pegularities at any time between the opening times. The start interval at each Pegularity will be one minute.
Pegularity 1 (Crow Wood) will be open from 12:15 to 12:45. and Pegularity 2 (Wind/Unwind) from 12:45 to 13:15.
There will a buffet lunch break between 13:00 and 14:30.
Pegularities 3 (6M/9W) from 14:15 to 14:45, 4 (Chick Wood) from 14:45 to 15:30 and 5 (Forwards/Backwards)  from 15:30 onwards.
The competition will finish at approximately 16:15.
Results will available and awards will be presented at approximately 16:30.

6. Final Instructions
Final Instructions will be issued to competitors before the event or at the start venue. These instructions will advise any additional information required for the event and will supplement these general regulations. 

7. Terrain
The Pegularities will use private land and the public highway. Approximately 1 miles of tarmac road will be used on the public highway. Approximately 2 miles of uneven surface paths, woodland, compacted sand and grassland will be used on private land. 

8. Registration
At Registration competitors must confirm they have adequate footwear and clothing for the anticipated weather/terrain. 
Competitors must surrender all equipment which would allow them to monitor speed and/or distance. 
The wearing of simple watches is permitted.

9. Format
There will be 5 Pegularities of distances between approximately 0.2 miles and 1.0 miles. Total mileage will be approximately 3 miles.
Two of the Pegularities will be "Memory Pegularities".

10. Measurements
The distance to be travelled on each Pegularity will have been accurately measured using a measuring/trundle wheel or similar distance recording device. 
Measurement will have been at 12 inches from the left hand edge of public roads/walkways in the direction of travel, or in the middle of the route when using paths and tracks.
Competitor nominated speeds must be quoted in miles per hour to one decimal place. For the purposes of keeping the event to schedule, the minimum nominated average speed (NAS) for any Pegularity will be 2 mph.

11.1. Pegularities
A Pegularity consists of a start control, a finish control and, optionally, any number of undisclosed intermediate controls. 
Controls are points at which an official using an official timepiece records the time of day of a competitor's arrival. 
Each control on a Pegularity will be marked by a board erected by the organizers, a sample of which will be on display at the start venue.
A competitor is deemed to have arrived at a control when they stop adjacent to the board at a control.
A master timepiece showing the accurate time of day will be on display at the start venue. Any other official timepieces used on the event will be synchronized to the master timepiece.
Some Pegularities will include intermediate Route Checks to verify that a competitor has followed the correct course.

11.1 Control Procedures

11.1.1 Pegularity Start 
Report to the start control between times advised in the Event Programme. The start marshal will ask for your nominated average speed (NAS) for the Pegularity and will allocate your start time; this information will be recorded on your Pegularity Sheet which will be given to you at your scheduled start time.
The Sheet will also contain space to record Route Checks, the arrival times at subsequent controls and, for non Memory Pegularities, Route Instructions. 
The Route Instructions will contain a description or map of the route to be followed, the location and/or nature of Route Checks to be recorded, and, optionally, the average speeds to be maintained. Average speeds may be varied during a Pegularity to perhaps make allowances for sections of difficult terrain. Such average speeds will be expressed as a proportion of a your NAS: e.g. turn left and then take care over bumpy ground (average speed 0.8 of your NAS for 0.15 miles).
On a Memory Pegularity, at a competitor's scheduled start time, they will be handed the Route Instructions. They must memorise these instructions and pass them back to the start official. The competitor may not make notes. The time taken to memorise the route instructions will be included in the time taken to complete the Pegularity. The Route Instructions may specify a maximum reading time.

11.1.2 Intermediate Time Controls
Stop at the control board and hand your Pegularity Sheet to the marshal, who will record your arrival time and then return the Sheet.

11.1.3 Pegularity Finish Control
Stop at the control board and hand your Pegularity Sheet to the marshal, who will record your arrival time and keep the Sheet for marking. By reference to speed and distance tables you will be advised of your early and lateness penalties on the section.

12. Route Checks
Route Checks may be used to confirm that the correct route on each Pegularity has been followed. These may take the form of:

  1. recording routeside information: 

    i) of a permanent nature such as the numbers on a hydrant sign; and/or 

    ii) of a temporary nature such as code boards or objects erected by the organizers

  2. objects to be collected

  3. observation by an official (usually on a Memory Pegularity)

The Pegularity Sheet will specify the nature and location of each Route Check. Location may be specified by 

  1. an absolute point on a map or narrative of the route, or 

  2. a relative distance from a landmark.

13. Penalties 

  1. Early or late arrival at an intermediate or finish Pegularity Control - 1 mark per second

  2. incorrect recording of a Route Check - 10 marks

  3. incorrect route taken on a Memory Pegularity - 60 marks

  4. Not completing a Pegularity - 300 marks

  5. Unsporting behaviour - Exclusion

Classification will be in order of fewest penalties.

14. Awards
1st Overall - An engraved medal.
2nd Overall - An engraved medal.
3rd Overall - An engraved medal.
Least penalties on each Pegularity - An engraved medal. (Non-podium competitors only. Competitors may only win one such award. In these cases the award will be presented to the competitor with the next fewest penalties)
Best Team of two - An engraved medal each.

15. Safety and Comfort
Comfortable and weather/temperature conscious clothing, especially footwear, is an important factor for competing on Pegularities.
For running competitors a vest, shorts and cross-country running shoes are a good choice. In case there is a delay between Pegularities, having a tracksuit to hand to avoid getting cold would be useful.
Walkers will need to dress for comfort taking note of forecast weather. For example on a summer day of showers you might want light clothing but carry a lightweight mac with you.
Always make way for faster competitors that wish to overtake. 
Exposed tree stumps and overhanging branches on the Pegularity routes have been sprayed with orange fluorescent paint.
To aid definition, in some places the tracks have been delineated with branches or barrier tape.
Beware that there are many thistles and nettles either side of the route.
When searching for Route Checks it will not be necessary to climb trees or wade through stinging undergrowth.