Longfield Pegularity, July 17, 2005 - Results
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Well, that was interesting. Wasn't it?

I was going to apologise for the sun. I was uncomfortable in the heat, but you seemed to absorb the rays (Ray's?) with ease.

I do apologise for the difficulty. I gave you too much to do in one go: decipher instructions, navigate on strange maps, look for route checks and try to maintain a time schedule all at the same time was too burdensome. BUT, you all treated my efforts with fun and respect - many thanks. There will of course be improvements next time.

Sadly I didn't hear most of the event stories since I was rather preoccupied, but Paul Carlier's report chronicles the day and there are Photos too.

The summary results are below and the full table is at the Results Spreadsheet link. Right click on the link to download the spreadsheet.

Other facts:

Fastest of the day was Roger Dowgill "averaging" 13.98 mph on Pegularity 5. (I wonder why?)

Slowest of the day was Roger Dowgill with 1.10 mph on Pegularity 1. (Did you find a pub in the wood?)

Most accurate of the day was Paul Hernaman (aka Mr. Metronome) within 2 seconds of target on Pegularity 3. (I'm sure he did this to wind-up his inadequate navigator)

Least accurate of the day was Roger Dowgill who was over 27 minutes late on Pegularity 1. (Perhaps he oversnogged the bear?)

Best concentration on the day goes to Ken Larking spelling "BRANCH" on Pegularity 5. (Somewhat akin to computing bus schedules?)

Least concentration on the day to Tricia Edwards who blissfully ignored the route checks on Pegularity 1 and had the least penalties (Smart tactics or?)

Nobody took their clothes off in Chick Wood. Did they?

The chickens have split their eggs laughing at such ridiculous human behaviour.

The bear in the wood would like to make contact with the person who "did tongues".

Special thanks to Caroline and Rebecca for event preparation.

Special thanks to Sandra and Cathy who supplemented the rations.

Special thanks to Robin and Cathy for the after-event clear-up.

Special thanks to those who brought flowers and booze. I have lots of beers left over!

I'm pleased to say we raised 166 for the Alzheimer's Society and this has already been wire transferred.

Thanks for coming. See you next year? Good night.


Christine & Ray

Christine says she is desperate ... for glass jars and courgette recipes.


Pos Name Penalties Awards
1 Alan Lee 1488 1st Overall, Best Team
2 Chris Towers 1676 2nd Overall
3 Paul Hernaman 1737 3rd Overall
4 Robin Hernaman 1936  
5 Paul Carlier 2023 Best Peg 5
6 Pam Rymill 2353 Best Team
7 Dee Rampling Lee  2416  
8 Richard Edwards 2461 Best Peg 2
9 Ken Larking 2600 Best Peg 4
10 Andrea Weston 2860  
11 Pete Rymill 3139  
12 Dave Beckerleg 3287  
13 Sandra Beckerleg 3339 Best Peg 3
14 Roger Dowgill 3367  
  Tricia Edwards   Best Peg 1



Pos Name Who Penalties
1 Silkcut Peugeot Alan/Pam 3841
2 2nd Time Round Robin/Andrea 4796
3 Noname 2 Chris/Sandra 5015
4 Cerebus Ken/Andrea 5460
5 Noname 1 Pete/Dee 5555