Longfield Pegularities, July 2 & July 16, 2006
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Version 7 - June 24, 2006

Welcome to the Longfield Pegularities for 2006. 

We are very happy you will be joining us for these Summer days of fun. 

Try your best on the Pegularities and in between unwind with food, drink and socialising.

The key things you need to know now are the Directions to Longfield, to arrive around 11:15 and what to bring with you (see below). 

You'll need to know how to compete on a Pegularity. For the keen ones you can do some homework by studying the following notes. If you feel daunted by the detail then wait and ask questions on the day.




Bring with you:

  • MOST IMPORTANT - sturdy and comfortable footwear. You'll only be walking/jogging about 3.5 miles in total, but some of the ground will be soft or uneven. Due to a forced change to Pegularity 3, the total distance on the Pegularities during the day will be 3.941 miles.
  • Comfortable casual clothing. Tracksuit, T-shirt, jeans ... whatever. We have ordered a dry, sunny day, so a HAT is essential. Come prepared with pac-a-mac if it looks like raining. Wearing shorts should be okay. Some of the paths and tracks will have nettles and thistles alongside them but the routes will have been cleared the day before and you won't need to go wading through undergrowth or climb trees.
  • Transport to and from Longfield! If you can share transport with another invited couple, even better since it will reduce parking problems.
  • Special food or drink if a regular finger buffet won't suit your diet. Veggy options will be available.
  • Spare cash for our Alzheimer's Society collection.
  • Smiling faces.

Schedule for the days

11:15 to 12:00

  • Arrival and parking. 
  • Light refreshments available in the carport. (Help yourself throughout the day)
  • Toilets are in the bungalow - through the back door, straight on.
  • Collect your Documentation. You'll also be given your Pegularity Sheets for the two morning Pegularities which will contain route instructions and your start times.
  • Check the Notice Board in the carport for additional information.
  • Everyone does the Pegularities individually, but register a team entry too. Teams comprise two competitors, one male, one female - NOT your normal partner to make teams interesting.
  • Time to ask questions if you are unsure about anything (to do with Pegularities!) 
  • You will have the opportunity to judge your average walking/jogging speed on a short calibration course in Longish Field. 

11:45 to 12:15
Pegularity 1 - Here, There, Everywhere 
The first Pegularity will take you on a half mile stroll through Longish Field, Chick Wood, Crow Wood, Torchard and the Memage.
Set at a low target average speed of 1 mph, this will be a chance to familiarise yourself with the geography and terrain of Longfield for later Pegularities. There will be a fixed route to follow (defined by a simple map) along which you will need to record Route Checks - codewords from small boards. 
You'll have exactly 30 minutes to complete the Pegularity. To be free of time-penalties at the finish you'll need to arrive at exactly the right time (we'll tell you what time that should be). You'll lose a mark for each second early or late, and also ten marks for any codeword that you've missed.

12:30 to 13:00
Pegularity 2 - Chick Wood & Torchard 
A return mainly to the tracks through Chick Wood and Torchard. A map and instructions will define your route, but this time you will set your own average speed. You won't know the exact distance this time (although between 0.50 and 1.0 miles), so you must try to maintain your speed all the way to the finish. Early or late and you'll pick up time penalties. Make sure you follow the correct route too, there will be five codewords to collect.
When you finish Pegularity 2, you will be given your Pegularity Sheets for two of the afternoon Pegularities.

13:00 to 14:30
Lunch, plus ales and tales, wines and whining. Interim results and diagrams for Pegularity 5 will be on the Notice Board.

14:00 to 14:30
Pegularity 3 - Water Tower 
So you're feeling stuffed after lunch? Nominate your speed and set off to explore the countryside. A walk/jog on the public road (take care if you've had alcohol!) and then down an interesting track. Keep going until you reach the Water Tower and then retrace your steps. Between 1 and 2 miles. A couple of Route Checks on the way. Don't get back late (or early!).

14:45 to 15:15
Pegularity 4 - Crow Wood
Quite like Pegularity 2 but majoring on Crow Wood.

15:30 to 15:45
Tea time.

15:45 to 16:45
Pegularity 5 - The Numbers Game
Now you have to perform in front of everyone. When you are ready, head for a Memory Pegularity in the Memage - a 20 metre square sandpit. You'll be assigned a two-digit number and you must remember how to pace out the shape of the numbers on a 3 x 3 matrix of marker cones. It's quite easy really, but does require some backwards walking/jogging. Be careful, if you make a mistake you will be penalised an extra 60 marks. Only about 0.10 mile, but tricky to forecast what your average speed should be, so you will asked to guess your average speed when you have finished the Pegularity. Usual penalties for being early or late.

16:45 to 17:00
Results and Awards presentation.

17:00 onwards
There will be food, drink and stories to finish, so no rush to go home, although you might be volunteered into the clean up operation. 
Before you go please contribute to our charity for the day - the Alzheimer's Society. £5 per person would be nice; more, if you've had a really fun day.

Pegularity Procedures

When you arrive at Longfield you will be given Pegularity Sheets for Pegularities 1 and 2. At lunch you will be given Pegularity Sheets for Pegularities 3 and 4.

The Pegularity Sheet will show your start time, a box to record your Nominated Average Speed (NAS), the Route Instructions, boxes to record any Route Checks and a box for your finish time. (See Sample Pegularity Sheet)

Pegularities 1 to 4 will start and finish at the same point in Longfield. A large digital clock will be on display and set to BBC time. All timing for the Pegularities will be by reference to this clock.

As each of your start times approaches, you should go to the start, enter your NAS (a speed in miles per hour to one decimal place) on your Pegularity Sheet and wait for your time to appear on the clock before departing. In calculating the time taken to complete a Pegularity it will be assumed that you started on your scheduled time (You won't be prompted if you are late!).

Follow the Route Instructions. This may be a map or a description of the route to follow. The instructions may require you to record Route Checks on your Pegularity Sheet as confirmation that you have followed the correct route.

Unmanned Route Checks will be small green boards (about 2" by 1") containing three-letter words, blue boards containing four-letter words or roadside features. They will be visible from the correct route without climbing trees or diving into undergrowth. (Be discreet when you find them. Yells of “GOTCHA” will advertise the location of the Route Check to nearby competitors!) There will twenty-four of these on Pegularity 1; five on Pegularities 2 and 4; a couple of roadside features on Pegularity 3 and none on Pegularity 5. If you miss or incorrectly record an Unmanned Route Check you will receive a 10 mark penalty.

Manned Route Checks  - there will be no unmanned Route checks.

As you near the Pegularity finish, if you think you've kept to your NAS, check in straightaway. If you think you're running (walking?) late, dash to the finish to reduce your lateness penalties. Early? Then hold back until you think your arrival time is just right.
Your arrival time will be the time you touch the control board at the finishing point. Present your Pegularity Sheet to the finish marshal, who will record your time and keep the sheet for marking. (See Sample Completed Pegularity Sheet)

Note: Pegularity 1 is pre-set at a NAS of 1 mph, and your Pegularity Sheet will show your ideal finish time at that speed.

Pegularity 5 is a Memory Pegularity in the Memage. You will be given a two-digit number as you start the Pegularity and will have to trace the shape of those numbers, in order, around a 3 x 3 matrix of cones. The required route for each number will be shown on the notice board at lunch, but you will have to remember the routes for the Pegularity. When you finish the Pegularity (by touching the final cone) you must tell the start/finish marshal your estimated NAS based upon the distance you should have travelled (not the actual distance if you took a wrong route).

Nominated Average Speeds (NAS)

If you haven't been able to practice before the event, make use of the short calibration course in Longish Field to get some idea of your normal walking/jogging speed on uneven ground.
Your speed on this short course will be about right for Pegularities 2 and 4; perhaps a bit lower since there are many twists, turns and narrow paths on these Pegularities.
For Pegularity 3 a slightly higher speed may be appropriate since the route uses the public road and a smooth track.
On Pegularity 1 your average speed is pre-set at a low 1 mph.
On Pegularity 5 you have to estimate your average speed at the finish of the Pegularity. 
Your NAS for each Pegularity must be quoted in miles per hour to one decimal place and cannot be less than 1.5 mph.


The distance to be travelled on each Pegularity will have been accurately measured using a trundle wheel. Measurement will have been at 12 inches from the left hand edge of public roads/walkways in the direction of travel, or in the middle of the route when using narrow paths and tracks.
If you have a fancy personal GPS or pedometer to measure speed or distance, don't bother to bring it - they won't really be accurate enough on the kind of terrain being used.
A watch or stop-watch is allowed and would be useful. 

Summary of  Penalties 

  • Early or late arrival at Pegularity Finish Control - 1 mark per second
  • Incorrect answer to an Unmanned Route Check - 10 marks
  • Incorrect route taken on a Memory Pegularity - 60 marks
  • Not completing a Pegularity - 300 marks
  • Unsporting behaviour - Exclusion

Classification will be in order of fewest penalties.


  • 1st Overall - An engraved medal.
  • 2nd Overall - An engraved medal.
  • 3rd Overall - An engraved medal.
  • Least penalties on each Pegularity - An engraved medal. (Non-podium competitors only. Competitors may only win one such award. In these cases the award will be presented to the competitor with the next fewest penalties)
  • Best Team of two - An engraved medal each.
  • Best Social Performance - Spirit of the Event medal

Safety and Comfort

  • Wear appropriate footwear and bodywear.
  • Always make way for faster competitors that wish to overtake. 
  • Walk/jog vigilantly – some of the paths are bumpy in places. STOP if you need to check the map or record a Route Check.
  • Exposed tree stumps and overhanging branches on the Pegularity routes will be sprayed with orange fluorescent paint.
  • To aid definition, in some places the tracks have been delineated with branches or barrier tape.
  • Beware that there are many thistles and nettles either side of the route.
  • Keep away from a couple of "Danger" areas in the woods - hidden rabbit holes!

Looking forward to seeing you

Christine & Ray