Longfield Pegularities
July 15 & July 29, 2007
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We would like to invite you to join us, friends and other neighbours for some summer fun in the sun on Sunday, July 15 or Sunday, July 29.

This is our third year of light-hearted walking competitions called Pegularities.

Each Pegularity will be a walking tour on paths in and around Longfield. Individually you have to follow the correct route, collect codewords on the way and attempt to maintain an average speed from start to finish.

You choose the speed (e.g. 3 mph is a good walking speed), but since you won't know the distance of each course, you have to judge your pace as accurately as possible.

If you arrive at the finish too early/late, or miss the codewords you'll collect penalty points.

Three Pegularities will be through the woodland tracks and fields of Longfield. A fourth will take you out to the quiet lanes and footpaths close by. The fifth Pegularity ends the day, where you will need to negotiate a course around cones in our menage. Total walking distance will be about 3.5 miles.

Some of the paths are uneven and therefore not suitable for young children. Sturdy footwear is essential.

The event is aimed promote fun and fund raising, but if you want to take things more seriously there will 11 medals to win for the best performances.

Refreshments (hot drinks, cold drinks and nibbles) will be available all day and there will be a break for a sumptuous buffet lunch.

Entry is free, but we ask you to donate what you can to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Last year we collected 410 for the Alzheimer's Society.

Arrive around 11:15 for an 11:45 start. We usually finish by 5 pm.

We can accommodate about 20 people at each event. You are welcome bring a couple of friends along too if we have spare places, but check with us first when you book.

You can find more detail at Briefing.

Ray & Christine Crowther

Longfield Pegularities 2006

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